Global Philanthropy Loses A Resource

In 2008, I worked for the Chicago Global Donors Network (CGDN) and during my tenure there I organized over 150 diaspora groups and donors in Chicago that donated to over 50 countries worldwide. I had a wonderful experience meeting so many groups that wanted to help back in their homeland. I felt sad to learn the demise of CGDN.  I’m re-posting the blog entry from Dien Yuen of Give2Asia:

Global Philanthropy Loses A Resource

CgdnlogoI received an email from the Board of Directors of the Chicago Global Donors Network (CGDN) which brought sad news to the global philanthropic community. After seven years of operations, CGDN will be conducting a major restructuring of the organization and they will let go their staff. In addition, they will not be holding their annual conference planned for this fall.

Like many organizations, we are faced with the growing pressures of a decrease in operating support and a reduction in corporate and foundation sponsorships.

CGDN was founded in the 2003 by Marjorie Benton and Adele Simmons, active international philanthropists. Over the years the organization has held numerous events and attracted sizeable audiences. CGDN has over 1,100 individuals, foundations, and corporations in its network. So what will happen to CGDN?

…our board of directors strongly believes in the continued need for and importance of the services and expertise embodied in CGDN. We are actively pursuing arrangements to align our resources in order to continue delivering the high quality content that donors have come to trust.

In a time when global philanthropy is growing (6.2% increase according to GivingUSA 2009) and demand for information is increasing, it will be a shame to lose CGDN as a resource. I spoke at one of their events in 2008 and I met a great group of colleagues. I think there is a need for groups like this in the field and there are lots of opportunities for CGDN to remake itself. I look forward to seeing CGDN 2.0.

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