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Dale Asis

Dale Asis

DALE ASIS is president and founder of Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide (“Bayanihan”), which seeks to “enable Filipinos abroad to help Filipinos at home to improve their lives in empowering and sustaining ways.”  Bayanihan is dedicated to promoting networking, partnerships, youth leadership and return migration among Filipinos abroad to help Filipinos at home. Additionally, Bayanihan serves as a platform that provides insight to Philippines’ culture, history, and social issues.

Mr. Asis has devoted his career to philanthropic and non-profit development.  Prior to establishing the Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide, he worked as a program consultant to the Cambodian Association of Illinois and the Chicago Global Donors Network.   In 1998, Mr. Asis co-founded the CAAAELII (Coalition for African, Arab, Asian, European, Latino Immigrants of Illinois), one of the largest immigrant-led coalitions in the United States.  In 2005, Dale also co-founded the United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations (UCCRO), a grassroots-led multi-ethnic and multi-faith human rights alliance. In 2008, he established Dale Asis Consulting, providing strategic program planning, fundraising, capacity building consultative services; he remains a principal. In 2010, he worked with the Chicago Global Donors Network and created a network of over 100 diaspora philanthropy groups in the Chicago area.

Since 2011, he works as the Finance Director at the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO). He also teaches Sociology classes at Moraine Valley Community College.

Dale Asis has made several journeys to the Philippines and encourages other diaspora communities in the US to give locally and globally.


Dale Asis earned a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago.  In 2001, he received a Ford Foundation Leadership Award.  He also received training in Israel from the Jewish Joint Distribution Agency on developing diaspora fundraising.  In 2007, he received a yearlong fellowship from The Chicago Community Trust  and enabled Mr. Asis to study extensively the program of sustainable giving and diaspora populations.

During his fellowship, Mr. Asis traveled to the Philippines and visited his mother’s native village in Bicol, in the southernmost tip of Luzon Island, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago. There he was confronted with the poverty in the region and of his distant relatives.  He saw the connection between their desperation and the overwhelming number of immigrants who feel they must migrate to seek a better life.  It was a turning point in his life.

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  1. Sylvia Gavigan says:

    Hi Dale,

    Well done Brother.

    You are the only man who can stand for both, women and men!!!

    Great knowing you and we will work on the Social Change to make a difference!!!!

    Sylvia Dublin

  2. Dale, kudos to you for great work! i am truly impressed.
    My organisation Operation ASHA is serving 3.5 million slum dwellers in india, treating tuberculosis. We do TB education, active case finding, treatment, counselling and default tracking, and we work hand in hand with India’s TB control program.
    I would love to add my work to yours. Do let me know what you think about it.

    Shelly batra, MD
    Operation ASHA

    • dasis1118 says:

      Hello Dr. Shelly Batra,

      Thank you so much for your kind words of praise. I also admire your work and dedication in helping millions of slum dwellers in India and in improving their health situation. We should plan to connect our work and at the very least, share best practices!


  3. james zamora says:

    Thank you Sir for visitng one of the poorest community in our country. By the way I am working with Muslim communities here in the south. I was formerly a volunteer of VSO Bangladesh and now back to the Philippines, North Cotabato in particular.Got your site thru Prof Cesar Torres, a friend and co-worker for development.

    Continue your work.

    james zamora
    returned international volunteer
    vso bangladesh

    Mun Adm
    Municipality fo Makilala
    Makilala, Cotabato

    • dasis1118 says:

      Hello James,

      I hope we can both find ways to support and alleviate poverty in the Philippines.
      Thank you for reading my blog!


  4. Manny Cacdac says:

    Hi Dale.. Thanks for the feature…and your kind words.. Thank you also for what you are doing for our countrymen..Indeed, people like you can make a difference in the lives of the desolate and poor. I hope your blog will stir a few minds and make them realize that WE need to give back, no matter how..

    We will launch the Hydrocephalus Foundation at the Tower Club in Makati on Sept. 25. I was hoping you will be in Manila then, as I wanted you to attend the dinner..God Bless.. Manny Cacdac

    • daleasis says:

      Hello Dr. Cacdac,

      I’m honored that I got a chance to feature your wonderful work in my blog. My recent blog entry featuring your work garnered over 100 visits to my blog in two days, the largest count of visitors to my blog so far! Your wonderful work at Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines speaks for itself. Maraming salamat po!

  5. Hello Dale,

    I want to take this opportunity to welcome you, and the Bayanihan Foundation, to CAAAELII. It is an honor to have within our Membership Council the founding director of the coalition. And also, we are excited about the possibilities of developing transnational work with the foundation.

    Best wishes always!

    Francisco Ramos
    Executive Director

    • daleasis says:

      Hello Francisco,
      The Bayanihan Foundation is excited to be a member of CAAAELII. I hope that we will be able to work together and be supportive.

      Take care,
      Dale Asis

  6. Good afternoon Mr. Dale Asis,
    I would like to introduce our foundation a non profit non governmental organization dedicated to raising funds to help and improve the lives of our filipion indigent youth by giving them educational, a value formation and curriculum enhancement program. At the moment we are providing technical training to indigent youth as scholars nationwide, sustaining their food, shelter and transportation to continue their schooling. More than 500 scholars helps by our foundation unfortunately, we are in need donors to support this program or advocasies to lessen the poverty in the philippines by educating and helping to find suitable job for our poor sectors local and international, could be possible to assist us to find donors to raise our funds for education of the poor?

    should you require of any further queries or if you want to call us, please feel free at tel no 0063 49 8322794/5311535. or 00639216927540.

    Joey Delmo

    • daleasis says:

      Hello Mr. Delmo,

      Thank you for reading my blog entries and for your interest with the Bayanihan Foundation. However, the foundation does not match nor find donors in the US; it does not have this capacity. You will find many onilne resources regarding this. The Bayanihan Foundation is a public charity and it also raises funds through individual donations to support its local and international projects as well.

      However, please take a look at the foundation’s revised case statement and revised partnership guidelines posted in our website:

      Please keep reading my blog entries!

      Dale Asis

  7. Charles Ninove says:

    I couldn’t understand what the name/acronym caaaelii meant when I overheard it at a meeting. When I googled it I was astounded. 32 different immigrant organizations under one umbrella. Who struggled to get this done? The question was bugging me. Then I saw your name as the founding father of caaaelii. And your blog. Thank you and congratulations for everything you have done and doing for the immigrant community who hither to weren’t given any importance as the ‘aspiring but forgotten ones’. Carry on with the essential work and good luck for the future.
    Best wishes

    • daleasis says:

      Hello Charles,

      Thank you for your kind words of compliment. CAAAELII stands for the Coalition of African, Arab, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois. CAAAELII came together because of the contributions of many community leaders working together. Thank you for reading my blog.


  8. Edith says:

    Matchless topic, it is very interesting to me )))) tHANKS tEAM wish you all the best in 2014!

  9. Regards for sharing the information with us on and Happy New Year!

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