Support James Castillo and his efforts to support youth educational and environmental trainings

Many complain about the growing apathy of many young people and how they seem not to care. A recent blog entry, “The Apathy of the Young American”  mentioned about the apathetic disposition of many young Americans. I disagree.

Meet James Castillo of Los Angeles, CA, a young Filipino American. He is currently raising donations for the Visayas Mindanao People’s Resource Development Center and provide critical youth educational and environmental trainings in Cebu, Philippines. The environmental youth camp will give 100 participating youth leaders to learn about environmental sustainability in a fragile tropical island like Cebu. The next environmental youth camp is scheduled for April 1 to 3, 2011.

I’m sure James is not alone.  There are other young people out there who want to make a difference.

So consider donating $50 or any amount that you could afford and offer one youth the chance to join an environmental youth camp and become a leader in environmental sustainability.  You can donate online by clicking here

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