UXO and Toxic Waste Victims Learn To Cope, Heal with Body Talk Access

In this issue, I will introduce to you on how victims of toxic wastes learn how to cope and heal by using Body Talk Access, a remarkable and simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible. The victims were afflicted by unexploded ordnance (UXO) and of toxic wastes left behind by the former US military installations in Clark and Subic, Philippines.

Last July 2011, Alan Along of the Alliance for Bases Clean Up (ABC) led the way as we both explored remote villages around Subic Bay, Philippines and interviewed victims of unexploded ordnance (UXO) around the area. Alan interviewed Erlinda Morales. She told us her tragic story as she and her husband was walking through Crow Valley on the way to their farm. Crow Valley was the main bombing range of the US Armed Forces in the Western Pacific when the US still had its major military installations there. Without any warning, a stray unexploded ordnance (UXO) hit Erlinda and her husband. They were both unconscious and were rushed to the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, both husband and wife lost their legs to the tragic accident. They have not received any compensation from the US for their loss of their legs.

Erlinda started breathing heavily as she was recalling her traumatic incident.   She suddenly had a severe headache and was writhing in pain. I was so afraid that she was going to have a panic attack!  I felt partly responsible as the traumatic memories of the UXO incident came back haunting her.  Alan Along offered to rub her temples and her shoulders for relief; he started ‘tapping’ Erlinda’s head in key areas.  Alan continued this ‘tapping’ procedure for a few more minutes and all of a sudden Erlinda started to breathe regularly.  Erlinda felt normal again. She forgot about her earlier panic attack as she grabbed her umbrella; she was rushing to go home before the dark rain clouds ahead start pouring. This was my first introduction to Body Talk Access and I turned from a skeptic into a believer. I saw in my own eyes how Erlinda transformed her panic attack to a period of calm without taking any Valium or similar anxiety relieving, Western-type of medication.

What is Body Talk? “BodyTalk is a consciousness based healthcare system that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual; and the balance within the person and with family, community life, work and natureThis System brings it all together in a simple practical way that allows stress, pain and fatigue to dissolve,” Dorothy Friesen said, a well renowned instructor of Body Talk System Practitioner since 2002.

In this video, Dorothy talked about her training of Body Talk Access in the Philippines in 2009 and the recent successes and accomplishments of the program with toxic waste victims in Clark and Subic, Philippines.

Many UXO and toxic waste victims do not have access to basic healthcare.  Body Talk Access provides them simple and effective ways to cope with their situation, relieve stress and provide them a healthcare alternative.  Alan Along took the course in 2009 and is now one of the many practitioners of Body Talk Access, helping hundreds of UXO and toxic waste victims to cope and heal.  The Bayanihan Foundation is proud to sponsor Body Talk Access programs that provide immediate help to victims of UXO and toxic wastes. At the same time, the Bayanihan Foundation and its partner, Alliance for Bases Clean Up seek fairness and justice for the US to accept responsibility for the toxic wastes they left behind at their former US military bases in the Philippines.

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