Bayanihan Foundation members visit Cebu, plant mangrove trees for environmental restoration

The next three blog entries will be about my recent trip with the Bayanihan Foundation visiting its partners in the Philippines.

(left to right): Evelyn Castillo and Dale Asis planting mangrove trees in Cebu, Philippines

Dale Asis (sitting, center) plants a mangrove tree with youth members of the Visayas Mindanao People's Resource Development Center (VMPRDC) looking on.

In  January 2012, the Bayanihan Foundation visited its partner, the Visayas Mindanao People’s Resource Development Center (VMPRDC), a grassroots community organization in Cebu, Philippines that helps local fisherfolk in protecting the fragile environment around the bay. James Castillo and the Bayanihan Foundation has supported the VMPRDC efforts in developing youth leadership and environmental sustainability.

In 2011, the foundation and James Castillo of Los Angeles, CA supported a series of youth leadership development workshops that led to the growth of their local youth group, Sining Dilaab Cultural Group.

During our visit last January 2012, I’ve met the Director, Normalyn Alonso and the youth leadership as well. I was pleasantly surprised of how well-developed the youth group has grown since its formation last year. I felt so proud that the Bayanihan Foundation’s small financial support have contributed to the growth of a thriving youth group that is aware and is protecting its fragile environment. The youth group also read an elaborate pledge and commitment to protect the environment. You can download their environmental pledge and commitment HERE.

Check out the extraordinary song and dance performance they have put together during our visit:

James Castillo recently created a short film promoting environmental conservation in the US, the Philippines and around the world:

Catalyst from iPic Theaters on Vimeo.

At the end of the visit, members of the Bayanihan Foundation and members of the Rotary Club of Chicago Far North planted mangrove trees for environmental restoration of the fragile environment in Cebu, Philippines. In 2012, the Bayanihan Foundation plans to plant 10,000 mangrove trees to help restore the fragile ecosystem.

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