Fisherfolk community in Guiuan, Samar: promoting sustainability

(left to right): (standing left) fisherman receiving fishing net provided as a microloan from Dale Asis (center) and Evelyn Castillo (standing right)

In 2014, the Bayanihan Foundation and the Worldwide Filipino Alliance (WFA) donated fishing nets to fisherfolk community in Samar right after the super typhoon Haiyan hit the island. Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest typhoons in recorded history to hit landfall.

Dale Asis enjoying Guiuan, Samar (June 2018)




In June 2018, I went back to Guiuan, Samar. I was completely surprised how the town has recovered so well from the super typhoon. Evelyn Castillo, the foundation’s Liaison and I visited a fisher folk community.

They named themselves Hook & Line Fishermen’s Association. I was impressed by the infrastructure they have put together. But most of all, they have not only incorporated economic livelihood for all the fisher folk members but also holistic sustainability measures to take care of the bay and the environment.

Freshly caught yellow tuna from Guiuan Bay



Evelyn and I even got to eat some freshly caught tuna right off the bay.

Dale Asis holding fresh tuna caught in Guiuan Bay

(Standing in the middle) Dale Asis and officers of the fisherfolk community in Guiuan, Samar


This fisherfolk community sets a fine example of “Bayanihan”, people working together for a common good, providing livelihood, and at the same time promoting environmental sustainability for the long-term and the good of the community.

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