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MAKE YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION GO A LONG WAY! Donate to Levi Aliposa marathon run supporting Circa-Pintig and the Bayanihan Foundation

On September 1, 2019, Levi Aliposa, long-time supporter of the Bayanihan Foundation is running the 2019 Kauai Marathon to support the foundation. His marathon run will benefit both the Bayanihan Foundation and Circa-Pintig. Founded in 2001, Circa-Pintig is a 28-year-old theatre and education organization that engages in active cultural work in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Both nonprofit organizations are honored and excited that Levi is running to support both organization’s mission. Run Levi run!

(Left to right): Cristy Aliposa and Levi Aliposa

“I support both organizations because they are engaged in social justice work that highlights the importance of building and bridging communities especially at a time when our communities are facing multiple forms of violence and trauma – from gun violence, separation and criminalization of immigrant families, displacement of communities, to extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

I am running in support of CIRCA-Pintig and Bayanihan Foundation because I believe that these two organizations not only serve as catalysts for action and social change, but more importantly, they are sanctuaries of healing. In fact, CIRCA-Pintig enters its 28th season with an upcoming Fall production, Silencing Stigma, Reclaiming Life 3.0, which will shed light on issues facing our communities that revolve around labor struggles, mental health, and human rights while anchored by stories of healing and social justice. 

I also support the Bayanihan Foundation’s efforts to raise funds for computers and learning equipment for people with disabilities. They are building a computer lab to help the visually and hearing impaired in my hometown Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines.

I am very proud to run for these organizations and thankful for the opportunity to support their work. I hope that you too can join me in helping sustain their work so that we can continue to give voice to our communities and collectively imagine a more just world for the generations to come. 

Thanks in advance for your generous support. Donate by clicking on this LINK You will be redirected to the Circa-Pintig website and pay securely through Paypal. Thank you for your support. Maraming salamat!”

Levi Aliposa

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