Why I’m Asking for Your Support

NEXTGEN and Kaluluwa Kolectivo join group discussion in Liloan, Cebu

NEXTGEN and Kaluluwa Kolectivo join group discussion in Liloan, Cebu (July 2015)

In late 2014, I committed to helping young Filipino-Americans visit their families’ homeland as part of a NEXTGEN Fellowship, supported by the Bayanihan Foundation, which organized the trip and paid for their travel expenses.  The NEXTGEN Fellowship Program is dear to my heart. It speaks to the core of why I was drawn to help back in the Philippines.  I believe that if you give people the right opportunity and motivation to help, they can make many small, personal changes that ultimately benefit large numbers of people who need help. That’s why I’m doing this work. 

I’m asking for your support and give to the Indiegogo online crowd fundraising campaign: http://igg.me/at/bayanihan

I’m asking you to donate so that young Filipino Americans can have opportunities to reconnect with their culture and heritage, learn the importance of “reaching back” to help others, and gain a larger sense of their responsibilities in the world. Through the NEXTGEN Fellowship Program, they will learn about the foundation’s sustainable projects and learn to develop their own potential sustainable projects.  Your contribution will enable us to bring more and more of the next generation of Filipinos back to the Philippines, where they will continue these projects.  Your donation will make sure that the NEXTGEN Fellowship will continue beyond its first year.

Your contribution of  $10, $100, $1000, or whatever you can afford will enable us to recruit the next generation of Filipino Americans in the cause of cultural, spiritual, environmental, and economic renewal for everyone involved. I believe that small changes lead to large results and that when you change someone’s world, you change the world.

You can also help in other ways:
1.  Like us and Share on Facebook and social media. Use the Indiegogo crowd fundraising share tools: http://igg.me/at/bayanihan
2.  Follow the blog at www.fdnbayanihan.org
3.  Tell your friends and family about this campaign and the Bayanihan Foundation
4.  Attend one of the upcoming events planned in Chicago, IL and in Los Angeles, CA: a) Sunday September 27, 2015 – luncheon house party at the home of Dale Asis’ mother, 3752 N. Central Park Ave. Chicago. Enjoy a home-cooked Filipino meal; and b) October 2015 – final campaign send off in Los Angeles, CA (date and details to be confirmed)

I invite you to donate and be part of this. Small changes lead to large results.   Your contribution will change these young people’s lives but will also changing the world.

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