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It’s Always Fiesta Time in the Philippines: A Lesson in Resiliency

It’s hard to believe Samar and the region was hit hard by a devastating typhoon, Haiyan. The residents are enjoying ‘santacruzan’ and many fiestas (festivals). The lesson of resiliency and the ability to bounce back from adversity is an important lesson to be learned. The Philippines isn’t the Philippines without its colorful fiestas – It’s always fiesta time. Continue reading

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Mind, Body, and Spirit are Fed in the Philippines

Experienced the abundance of spirituality and the natural beauty of the Philippine islands. Enjoy the delicious native foods and the wonderful hospitality when you visit. But most of all, enjoy the warmth of family and children. The mind, body and spirit are fed and nourished in the Philippines. Continue reading

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‘Kaluluwa Kolectivo’ (Soul Collective) Connecting Community and Spirituality

The Bayanihan Foundation is proud to support the ‘Kaluluwa Kolectivo’ (Soul Collective) in connecting community and spirituality. Continue reading

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