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Philippine President Duterte Optimistic Development Plans

Philippine President Duterte continues his popularity in the Philippines. He presents the most optimistic development plan that aim for the long-term, beyond the usual encouraging overseas Filipino workers to travel abroad and send remittances. It remains to be seen if his plans will work and keep up the momentum. Continue reading

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Pasalubong, Bayanihan (Community Giving) In the Age of Trump

The Filipino ritual of pasalubong, a souvenir or a gift given to someone and bayanihan (helping each other) could not be squelch and perhaps provide hope and renewal in the age of Trump. Continue reading

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Philippines Is Number One Most Affected Country by Climate Change

Is climate change affecting the Philippines? the world? In 2015, the Climate Reality Project reported the Global Climate Risk Index and listed the Philippines as the number one most affected country by climate change. This is not an easy problem to fix, but the first step is educating citizens both in the Philippines and around the world. Continue reading

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20 Incredible Facts About The Philippines

Did you know that 11 million Filipinos work overseas and that 25 percent of all nurses worldwide come from the Philippines? Check out 20 Incredible Facts About the Philippines. Continue reading

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Philippines and ASEAN Countries Getting Ready to Promote Massive Migration of Skilled Immigrants

The Philippines and ASEAN countries are getting ready to promote massive migration of skilled immigrants, potentially affecting 15 million ASEAN workers. On the other hand, the US has a more inward looking stance, building walls, enacting travel bans and putting America first. Continue reading

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8 out of 10 top cities most exposed to natural disaster are in the Philippines

The World Economic Forum reported that 8 out of 10 top cities most exposed to natural disaster are in the Philippines. The biggest typhoon, Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, leaving more than 7,000 people dead or missing. Can civic involvement, volunteerism and diaspora philanthropy help the Philippines in disaster preparedness? Or should donors should just wait to react and donate afterwards when the crisis hit? Continue reading

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Finding Rays of Hope in An Era of Cynicism and Fear

I joined the Chicago’s Women’s March for women’s rights. I was greeted by rays of hope to continue my diaspora giving, despite the increasing cynicism, fear and xenophobia of the times. Hope lives. Continue reading

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