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Pagbabalik: 2018 NEXTGEN Camillo Geaga Travels Back to the Philippines

On September 2018, NEXTGEN Fellow Camillo Geaga traveled back to the Philippines. He wrote an essay of his personal thoughts of his 2017 trip at the same time reflecting on his recent trip. Continue reading

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Filipino Bajaus Evolved Biologically For A Life At Sea

The Bajaus, a seafaring, indigenous group in Southern Philippines have resisted colonization and have always been known to be excellent divers. But scientists recently discovered that Bajaus have evolved biologically to have larger spleens giving them the physiological feat to dive down up to 200 feet in a single breath. Are we discovering instances of human evolution in just a past few thousand years? Continue reading

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The Philippines Promotes ‘Balik’ (Return) Scientist Program

The Philippines signed into law the ‘Balik’ (Return) Scientist Program providing incentives to Filipino scientists in US and around the world to return back home and share their expertise. Like Bayanihan Foundation’s NEXTGEN Program, this new program might help reverse ‘brain drain’ and have long-term positive impact. Continue reading

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‘Padala’ (Remittances): Top Seven Facts You Need To Know

‘Padala’ (remittance) is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to an individual in their home country. These remittances have been recognized as an important developmental vehicle. Here’s the top seven facts you need to know. Continue reading

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‘Salo salo’ The Spirit of Sharing Food With Others

‘Salo salo’ sharing food with others, the Top 10 Foods I Enjoyed In Samar. TV food networks in the US celebrate the latest trendy cuisine or the hottest elebrity chef. The Philippines celebrates ‘salo salo’, the community spirit of sharing and giving with others. Continue reading

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It’s Always Fiesta Time in the Philippines: A Lesson in Resiliency

It’s hard to believe Samar and the region was hit hard by a devastating typhoon, Haiyan. The residents are enjoying ‘santacruzan’ and many fiestas (festivals). The lesson of resiliency and the ability to bounce back from adversity is an important lesson to be learned. The Philippines isn’t the Philippines without its colorful fiestas – It’s always fiesta time. Continue reading

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It’s The Right Thing To Do: US Should Return the Bells of Balangiga

On June 12, the Philippines celebrates its independence from Spain and the US. Part of that fight for independence was the massacre in Balangiga, Samar. In 1901, the US Army murdered every male over the age of 10 years in town of Balangiga and took the church bells with them to Wyoming. It’s about time the US return the bells to Samar. The US should not keep them as war booty. Continue reading

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