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It’s The Right Thing To Do: US Should Return the Bells of Balangiga

On June 12, the Philippines celebrates its independence from Spain and the US. Part of that fight for independence was the massacre in Balangiga, Samar. In 1901, the US Army murdered every male over the age of 10 years in town of Balangiga and took the church bells with them to Wyoming. It’s about time the US return the bells to Samar. The US should not keep them as war booty. Continue reading

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Forgotten history Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Will history repeat itself?

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 is an almost forgotten piece of US legislation but it forms the basis of the US ambivalence towards immigration. It excluded the Chinese but later on also excluded Filipinos and Asian immigrants altogether. With President Trump’s increasing anti-immigrant rhetoric, will history repeat itself? Continue reading

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History Matters: Four Things I Learned About the Philippine Revolution

History Matters: Four Things I Learned About the Philippine Revolution – it is complex with multiple characters and a complicated plot played along with various, competing interests. Like the Philippine fruit, Balimbing, it has more than one side to its complicated story. Continue reading

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NEXTGEN Film Screening “Amigo” and Discussion

You’re invited “Amigo” film showing and discussion, a 2010 film by John Sayles about the Philippine American War, an almost forgotten era of American history in the early 1900s. The foundation’s NEXTGEN Project encourages young Filipino Americans to learn more about their heritage, to become involved and eventually donate and help back to their homeland. Continue reading

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