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History Matters: Magellan Didn’t ‘Discover’ the Philippines After All

Were precolonial Filipinos ‘primitive’ before the Ferdinand Magellan ‘discovered’ the islands in 1521? Were Filipino tribes consist of ‘savages in loin cloths’ when the Americans came in 1898? History matters. It’s time to change the narrative and that the islands had a rich culture even before the colonizers came. Continue reading

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Philippine American War: Connecting History To The Present

CPI and Bayanihan Foundation explores the Philippine American War, connecting history to the present on Oct 20, 2016 6 PM at DePaul University Chicago. NPR explains that the Philippine President’s mistrust of the US is rooted in the atrocities of the Philippine American War. Continue reading

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Philippine History: How The Past is Connected to the Present

Committee on Pilipino Issues (CPI) and Bayanihan Foundation present “Filipinx X-Plore Our History Workshops” exploring Philippine history that is situated in the past yet connected to the challenges of the present Continue reading

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“Filipinx X-plore History” Workshops to Begin September 8, 2016

The Bayanihan Foundation and the Committee on Pilipino Issues (CPI) launch “Filipinx X-Plore Our History Workshops” this Fall 2016. The workshops are geared for young Filipino Americans to access Filipino culture, history and to prepare for NEXTGEN Pagbabalik (Coming Home) 2017 Travel to the Philippines. Continue reading

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Rescue in the Philippines

“Rescue in the Philippines” film tells the forgotten story of how Philippine President Quezon and his famous poker buddies saved 1, 200 Jews escaped the Nazis and immigrate to the Philippines during World War II. In 2016, the circle of life and giving continues as thousands of Filipino caregivers work in Israel providing healthcare and assisting thousands of Jewish elderly. Continue reading

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