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History Matters: Magellan Didn’t ‘Discover’ the Philippines After All

Were precolonial Filipinos ‘primitive’ before the Ferdinand Magellan ‘discovered’ the islands in 1521? Were Filipino tribes consist of ‘savages in loin cloths’ when the Americans came in 1898? History matters. It’s time to change the narrative and that the islands had a rich culture even before the colonizers came. Continue reading

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The Many Faces of America

When the US naval bases in the Philippines closed in 1992, the military left behind thousands of Amerasian children. Since the closings, American presence still exists and -contrary to initial estimate of 52,000 – it is now estimated that there are … Continue reading

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You’re Invited To Watch award winning film “Left By The Ship” in Chicago & NY

The Bayanihan Foundation invites everyone to join the film showing of “Left By The Ship” in Chicago and in New York, an award winning documentary about Filpino Amerasians, children whose fathers were US military service personnel and their mothers are assumed to be prostitutes. Many suffer from discrimination, prejudice and extreme poverty; they’re America’s forgotten children. Continue reading

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What does an “illegal immigrant” look like? This might be problematic…Canadians are the second largest immigrant population in Arizona

Last April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer recently signed into law the most severe immigration policy in the US that authorizes state law enforcement officials to stop anyone and ask for proof if they’re in the state legally. So … Continue reading

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