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The Poor Hit Hardest in US and Philippines Covid-19 Struggle

With US, Philippines Struggling With Covid-19, The Poor Are Hit The Hardest. Donate to help abandoned children affected by Covid-19 in General Santos, Philippines Continue reading

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Change Your Life! Join The 2019 NEXTGEN Fellowship – Apply Today

Apply for the 2019 NEXTGEN Fellowship and travel to the Philippines July 2019. Change your life like Camillo Geaga. He found interest in Filipino traditional foods for medicine and improved his own personal health as well. Camillo found a renewed sense of hope. He found his personal calling. Continue reading

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Filipinos in the US: The Latest Demographic Trends

The Trump administration continues tighter immigration controls in the US, affecting Filipino migration to the US. Filipinos in the US aging and the latest demographic trends from the Migration Policy Institute. Continue reading

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Plans for the New Year

For 2018, the Bayanihan Foundation would like to invite you to join us in a yearlong activities of promoting diaspora philanthropy and giving. Continue reading

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Filipino Christians giving packages to needy Filipino Muslims Moving Closer to Peace

On January 27, 2017, US President Trump issued a temporary travel ban to seven predominantly Muslim nations in the name of national security. I can’t help reflect on the giving that the Bayanihan Foundation has made possible with Filipino Christians … Continue reading

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Why Do People Give? Three Reasons Why

Why do people give? I found out three major reasons why: 1) they want to help others; 2) they want to feel good; and 3) they want a return on their investment. Why do you want to give? Share your thoughts. Continue reading

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Finding Rays of Hope in An Era of Cynicism and Fear

I joined the Chicago’s Women’s March for women’s rights. I was greeted by rays of hope to continue my diaspora giving, despite the increasing cynicism, fear and xenophobia of the times. Hope lives. Continue reading

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What Is the Cost of Brain Waste for Highly Skilled Immigrants in the U.S.?

Filipina nurses working as caregivers and just earning minimum wage? It’s true. Underutilized immigrant workers impose significant costs on immigrant families, government, and the broader U.S. economy. Estimates of this skill under-utilization, also known as brain waste runs to the billions of dollars in forgone earnings and resulting unrealized tax payments for federal, state, and local governments. Continue reading

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History Matters: Philippine American War and President Duterte’s Mistrust of US

Diana “Dee” Delfin, long-time supporter of the Bayanihan Foundation answers the qeustion, “Why does history matter?” Historical approaches allows us to connect unresolved tensions (often disruptive and violent acts) from the past and bring new perspective to current events. We always need to make these connections of the past and the present. Continue reading

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Giving Circle Influences Young Filipino Americans to Give Back

Bayanihan Foundation debuts the Community Power Giving Circle, created by young Filipino Americans to give back to young Filipinos and Filipino Americans locally and globally. Continue reading

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