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‘Padala’ (Remittances): Top Seven Facts You Need To Know

‘Padala’ (remittance) is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to an individual in their home country. These remittances have been recognized as an important developmental vehicle. Here’s the top seven facts you need to know. Continue reading

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What Is the Cost of Brain Waste for Highly Skilled Immigrants in the U.S.?

Filipina nurses working as caregivers and just earning minimum wage? It’s true. Underutilized immigrant workers impose significant costs on immigrant families, government, and the broader U.S. economy. Estimates of this skill under-utilization, also known as brain waste runs to the billions of dollars in forgone earnings and resulting unrealized tax payments for federal, state, and local governments. Continue reading

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You’re invited! Pagbabalik 2011: US-Philippines Diaspora Partnership WORKSHOP

You are invited to join the Pagbabalik (Coming Home) 2011: US-Philippines Diaspora Partnership WORKSHOP on January 22, 2011. Continue reading

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New York Times article “Toiling Far From Home for Philippine Dreams” – Compelling but Missed Its Mark

The New York Times article, “Toiling Far From Home for Philippine Dreams” published a compelling story of overseas Filipino workers but missed its mark as it omits the growing donations and philanthropic giving of Filipinos in the diaspora. Continue reading

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Thriving, informal economy among Filipina caregivers in Israel

I recently visited Israel and I’ve met many overseas Filipino workers there working as caregivers.  I’m impressed how industrious and hardworking they were! I’m equally impressed by the wide variety of odd jobs they have taken up to earn an … Continue reading

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Dora’s Sacrifice To Keep Sending Money Back Home

Dora, a caregiver in Israel, had to make extreme, personal sacrifices of working without a day off for 7 Months in order to keep sending money back home but at extreme, social costs. Continue reading

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Filipino Diaspora Sent Record Amount of Remittances Saving The Philippines From Deep Recession

An economic miracle happened in the Philippines but this time hardly anyone noticed it. Millions of Filipinos abroad keep sending record number of remittances back to the Philippines despite the worldwide economic recession. In March 2010 alone, the Filipino diaspora … Continue reading

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