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What’s Next? Support Women Vendors and Their Children To Have Access to Clean Water

In 2014, women vendors of Carbon Market, Cebu’s largest market were displaced by a devastating fire. In 2017, they’re still waiting for justice. Their substandard homes lack a basic sewer system that created a public health hazard of filthy, standing water and resulted in the death of a toddler due to dengue fever. Can you donate $25 to help build a basic water sewer system and provide access to clean water to 67 families? Continue reading

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Kawang Gawa (Helping Others)

Bayanihan Foundation demonstrates the traditional value of kawang gawa, helping others Continue reading

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Giving Tuesday is December 1, 2015

Bayanihan Foundation ‘Pamasko’ (Gift Giving) Program plans to provide 1,000 food packages to street children, provide books and computers and offer educational opportunities. Continue reading

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Sharing Gifts and Blessings During Ramadan

Wishing everyone a blessed ‪Eid Ul Fitr! It’s also a time to remember those who don’t have enough, to count our blessings while also giving charity to others. The Bayanihan Foundation follows this spirit of giving that cuts across religion and ethnicity. Continue reading

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Filipino Amerasians, America’s Forgotten Children, Celebrated 4th of July

Filipino Amerasians, America’s Forgotten Children, Celebrated 4th of July 2014 at Clark, Philippines, imploring not to be cast aside and be remembered. Continue reading

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My Personal Experience Visiting the Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan

Arman Mulleem of Worldwide Filipino Alliance (WFA) shares his personal experience and first hand account visiting the Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon ever to hit landfall in history Continue reading

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1988 book “Critical Choices” highlighted steps to tackle Philippine poverty, remains unfulfilled, ignored

In 1988, Dorothy Friesen wrote an illuminating and revealing, “Critical Choices.” She outlined challenges of the Philippines and the important steps that the country need to tackle to get out of its crisis of poverty. However, twenty-two years later, most of her suggestions remained unfulfilled and largely ignored. Continue reading

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