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Coronavirus disproportionately affects Filipino nurses in the US, Philippines

Details of this blog post came from “Why the US has so many Filipino nurses” by Christina Thornell, VOX June 2020 I have over 20 cousins, relatives and extended family who are nurses or healthcare workers in a critical healthcare … Continue reading

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Philippines and ASEAN Countries Getting Ready to Promote Massive Migration of Skilled Immigrants

The Philippines and ASEAN countries are getting ready to promote massive migration of skilled immigrants, potentially affecting 15 million ASEAN workers. On the other hand, the US has a more inward looking stance, building walls, enacting travel bans and putting America first. Continue reading

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What Is the Cost of Brain Waste for Highly Skilled Immigrants in the U.S.?

Filipina nurses working as caregivers and just earning minimum wage? It’s true. Underutilized immigrant workers impose significant costs on immigrant families, government, and the broader U.S. economy. Estimates of this skill under-utilization, also known as brain waste runs to the billions of dollars in forgone earnings and resulting unrealized tax payments for federal, state, and local governments. Continue reading

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Filipino Amerasians in Clark and Subic, Philippines Celebrate the Fourth of July

America’s Forgotten Children, Filipino Amerasians in Clark and Subic Philippines Celebrate the 4th of July http://wp.me/pDnD0-z5 Continue reading

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NEXTGEN Film Screening “Amigo” and Discussion

You’re invited “Amigo” film showing and discussion, a 2010 film by John Sayles about the Philippine American War, an almost forgotten era of American history in the early 1900s. The foundation’s NEXTGEN Project encourages young Filipino Americans to learn more about their heritage, to become involved and eventually donate and help back to their homeland. Continue reading

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Amerasians: America’s Forgotten Children

Find out about the 50,000 Amerasians left behind by the former US military bases in the Philippines. These are America’s forgotten children, illegitimate children of American sailors and Filipina mothers. Continue reading

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Why I’m Doing This Work: A Personal Essay

Dale Asis presents his personal story on why his doing this work with the Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide Continue reading

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April 23, Both a Joyous and Tragic Day for US Immigration

April 23, 2010 would be marked as both a joyous and tragic day for US immigration. In Washington, DC, President Barack Obama presided on a happy occasion honoring immigrant service members of the US armed forces as they became US … Continue reading

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