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Bayanihan in Review – You Make The Difference

Bayanihan Foundation is making impact – planting seeds of change, nurturing leadership. 100% of the foundation’s income comes from individual donors like you. 97% goes directly to programs. Donate online at http://www.fdnbayanihan.org Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Hospital Lobby in Calamba Completed, Before And After Pics

Mission Accomplished! Hospital lobbies in Calamba, Laguna built and completed. A big thanks to all the donors a testament to Bayanihan and overcoming crab mentality. Continue reading

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Why Do People Give? Three Reasons Why

Why do people give? I found out three major reasons why: 1) they want to help others; 2) they want to feel good; and 3) they want a return on their investment. Why do you want to give? Share your thoughts. Continue reading

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Finding Rays of Hope in An Era of Cynicism and Fear

I joined the Chicago’s Women’s March for women’s rights. I was greeted by rays of hope to continue my diaspora giving, despite the increasing cynicism, fear and xenophobia of the times. Hope lives. Continue reading

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Bayanihan Foundation 2010 to 2016 – IMPACT BY THE NUMBERS

Bayanihan Foundation 2010 to 2016 Impact by the Numbers. Thank you for your donation. 97% of your donation goes to programs. Continue reading

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Your Donation Reaps Big Rewards: Top TEN ACCOMPLISHMENTS

For 2017, the Bayanihan Foundation would like to reflect on its accomplishments for the last five years. Your donation reaps big rewards. 97% of donations goes directly to programs. Donors and supporters like you made these accomplishments possible. Thank you! Continue reading

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Apply for NEXTGEN 2017 Travel Fellowship Program

This summer 2017, Bayanihan Foundation will sponsor partial and full travel scholarships for up to seven young adults ages 18 years old and above to visit the Philippines for 14 days. The NEXTGEN: ‘Pagbabalik’ (Coming Home) Travel Scholarship will promote diaspora philanthropy; know more about Filipino culture; learn about the foundation’s sustainable projects; develop the participant’s potential sustainable projects; and connect with relatives and the participant’s heritage. Continue reading

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