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Bayanihan Foundation Shifts Its Priorities

In 2010, I was confronted with intense personal experiences that show deep, cultural challenges within the Filipino community that I did not expect. These cultural challenges include the intense competition among Filipinos and the pervasive ‘crab mentality’ (Nadal: Filipino Psychology, … Continue reading

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Personal Reflections: US-Philippines Diaspora Partnership Workshop January 2011

Dale Asis shares his reflections and lessons learned on the US-Philippines diaspora partnership workshop in Manila, Philippines last January 2011. Continue reading

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Bayanihan Foundation to Support Diaspora Partnerships

The Bayanihan Foundation To Support Diaspora Partnerships in the US, Philippines and Abroad Continue reading

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Filipino Workers in the Diaspora Broke? Think Again! Many Have Money To Spend, Untapped Market as Donors and Consumers

My stereotype of overseas Filipino workers are shattered. The Filipino workers in the diaspora workers are not broke. They have expendable income to spend on weekend trips and souvenirs. These Filipino caregivers are untapped market as consumers. More importantly, they have expendable income to give as potential donors for development projects in the Philippines. Continue reading

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Another Aquino is President of the Philippines – NOW WHAT? Real Change only happens with grassroots community leadership and involvement

In June 2010, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is poised to become the next president of the Philippines. Many Filipinos at home and abroad are rejoicing after a relatively bloodless election and many are pinning their hopes on Noynoy to ‘save’ … Continue reading

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