Bayanihan Foundation to Support Diaspora Partnerships

Bayanihan Foundation's Partners in CA (pictured from left to right): Myrla Baldonado, Lolita Andrada Lledo of Pilipino Workers Center, James Castillo of the Visayas Mindanao Resource Center and Vic Isidro.

By January 2011, the Bayanihan Foundation will support project partnerships benefiting Filipinos in the Philippines, in Israel and in the US. The foundation encourages partnerships between Filipinos living in the diaspora with the Filipinos living in the homeland. They have a tremendous potential to give to long-term development and sustainability when both sides work together.

What is diaspora and homeland partnership?

It’s more than just giving money.  It’s a long-term partnership between both sides for sustainable development.  The foundation plans to offer potential matching funds, capacity building, youth leadership development, advocacy and promotion of return migration.

By December 2011, the foundation plans to have 20 diaspora partnerships in place.

What is diaspora?

Diaspora is the movement or migration of a group of people, such as those sharing a national identity, away from an ancestral homeland.


  1. Two School Libraries and Book Drive (Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines)
  2. Book Drive and Teacher Trainings (Benguet, Philippines)
  3. JeepNeed (Manila, Philippines)
  4. Filipino Caregivers in CA, Israel and Hong Kong – online community (CA, Israel and Hong Kong)
  5. Youth educational and environmental sustainability trainings (Samar, Philippines)
  6. Advocacy report to clean up toxic wastes from the former US bases in Clark and Subic (Pampanga, Philippines)
  7. Emergency food supplies and donations for indigent and abandoned elderly (Calamba, Laguna, Philippines)

Stay tune for twelve more partnerships by year-end 2011!

Interested in becoming a partner?

  • Do you live abroad? Interested in becoming a diaspora donor? Click here to download the diaspora donor partnership guidelines and application.
  • Interested in becoming a homeland partner? Click here to download the homeland partnership guidelines and application.

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